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How Do You Drive Change By Managing Uncertainty And Giving Trust?

av Welcome to TheInquisitor Podcast with Marcus Cauchi | Publicerades 7/6/2021

"The big mistake leaders make is expecting people to earn trust instead of giving trust", says Aaron Schmookler. "People will live up to, or down to the expectations you set for them." Aaron nearly killed his business partner. That was how they started their business. He is a #CultureEngineer. They fight a lot but they fight fair and fight about ideas to improve the work lives and improving the businesses they serve. How do you manage your response to change and how you treat people? How do we shape structures inside the company so people will give us their best? What does it take to breed loyalty in and among the team? How do you get past short-termism and transactionalism? What if people abuse your trust? We explore Aaron's 8 steps for teamification. They will surprise you. A seriously interesting and vital episode for any manager or leader. And if you aspire to manage or lead, this is a great springboard to advance yourself in these roles. Contact Aaron via LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/schmookler Website: TheYesWorks.com  (Company Website) Email: aaron@theyesworks.com Twitter: TheYesWorks -- Please be sure to share this with at least 3 people who will benefit from listening to Aaron's recommendations and experience -- Contact me via marcus@laughs-last.com if you want to have a chat about leadership in your business

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