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The Art of Selling to Procurement

av Welcome to TheInquisitor Podcast with Marcus Cauchi | Publicerades 6/13/2021

There is both Art and Science in procurement. Phil Ideson helps purchasers and sellers form more effective partnerships. Phil says, "Procurement doesn't make decisions. Procurement does have any money. They influence decisions." The number one problem 600 procurement leaders said they have "is the perception of procurement". Their capability is misunderstood internally as simply providing cost savings, and by sellers as blockers and adversaries. We explore how procurement is measured and compensated, the mistakes made when tactical procurement treats low spend as low importance. Phil appeals for greater communication and collaboration to avoid the breakdown in human relationships which ultimately hurt the business. Contact Phill via LInkedIn linkedin.com/in/philipideson Website: artofprocurement.com  (Company Website)Email: philip@artofprocurement.comTwitter: pideson--Make sure you share this with your own procurement team if you have one, with your entire sales team and your senior management. Think of one person you can share this with immediately.--Contact me at marcus@laughs-last.com 

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