Episode/Pennod 14 | Greg Haver: Super Furry Animals - Rings Around The World

We talk to drummer and producer Greg Haver about making the move from drumming for the likes of Corey Hart to production after embracing technology. Greg also talks about working with the Manics and how working with James Dean Bradfield, the hardest working person he’s worked with, gave him an understanding of what’s needed before you start any production. We talk about the artist and producer relationship and how Greg thinks making a record is like ‘a holiday romance’ . He recalls how not going to bed at 1am because he was ‘shit-scared’ of JDB ended up with them creating There By The Grace Of God, his first top 10 single, He talks about setting up Big Noise studios and how, within two and a half years it racked up 3 million record sales and two Brit-nominations for Best Album. Greg also reveals how a breakdown after the pressures of back-to-back big studio albums led to him moving to New Zealand. The New Zealand music scene and the parallels with Wales, including Echo Park named after the Feeder song who he arranged for his former bandmate Grant Nicholas to sing on a song with. Featuring new music from Derrero. Follow us on Twitter @welshmusicpod and visit www.welshmusicpodcast.co.uk for more information and to submit a track to showcase.

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