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East Village Flavor w Mikey Likes It!

WGRL caught up with neighborhood legend Mikey, of Mikey Likes It ice cream for a sweet and  inspiring conversation on following your dreams!  Thank you Mikey for being a power of example to pretty much everyone! When you’re in NYC don’t forget to make Mikey’s a stop for a sweet treat and support your local black business!

Om Podcasten

WGRL (Where Girl Radio Lives) is our all girl-powered online radio station and podcast series based out of The Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York, in NYC. Trained in the art of radio journalism and engineering by professionals in the field, led by Kelly Webb of the Sweet Spot and Jeannie Hopper of Liquid Sound Lounge and WBAI, our young reporters cover a wide variety of stories. WGRL produces regular podcasts and interviews with celebrities, community activists, musicians, politicians, fashionistas and powerful women in just about every walk of life. We’ve covered events as varied as the Halloween Dog Parade at Tompkins Square Park, National Record Store Day and the Women’s Herstory event at New York City Hall. Our goal in the WGRL studio is to tell our stories through the skills and mediums we are gaining proficiency in and in turn share these stories with the world!