Episode 41: Inclusion is The Key to Success w/ Perrine Farque

Perrine Farque is an author,  entrepreneur, keynote speaker and diversity expert who empowers leaders to leverage diversity as their competitive advantage. Nominated in the Top 50 Most Influential UK Tech Women, Perrine continues to be recognized for her contributions. Perrine drove the strategy at companies such as Facebook and is on a mission to make the workplace more inclusive and diverse.   Order Perrine's Book -- https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B092DVPCJN?pf_rd_r=HNED2DWSMW6KVH1GRHZ9&pf_rd_p=6e878984-68d5-4fd2-b7b3-7bc79d9c8b60&pd_rd_r=914df019-a6e1-48cd-88a6-2d9c8f45630a&pd_rd_w=RIgO4&pd_rd_wg=J0Djt&ref_=pd_gw_unk   Guest: Perrine Farque linkedin.com/in/perrinefarque   Websites: inspired-human.com/  (Company Website) youtube.com/channel/UCmYKgD9mNq80PJshb8PZjsg  (Company Website) twitter.com/PerrineFarqueUK  (Twitter)   Hosts: Mike Thul - linkedin.com/in/thulmichael Jessie Novey - linkedin.com/in/jessienovey   INTERESTED IN SPONSORSHIP? Please email tcshrmpodcast@gmail.com   Twin Cities Society For Human Resources: Recognized as one of the nation's largest SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) chapters, TCSHRM is based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. With an ongoing calendar of events, we are an active SHRM group always looking to promote, influence, and educate our members through multiple channels. Join Us! Become a TCSHRM Member. https://www.tcshrm.org/ Thank you for listening, and if you enjoy this podcast please consider leaving a review as it helps us reach more listeners.    © MMXX TCSHRM. All Rights Reserved. For Personal Use Only.

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