What Would Jamie Do?

Ep. #16 | Left on Read, Crazy K-Pop Fangirl, & Closet Musician ft. Levi Bernhardt

av What Would Jamie Do? | Publicerades 1/22/2020

Hello love, don’t forget to LIVE YOUR LIFE!! We got Levi Bernhardt in the house dropping knowledge with Jamie — the energy in this one is crazy!

Left on read? Worried about your fangirl tendencies? Want to pursue a passion your family might not want to support? We got you.

[4:53] There’s this guy… we both follow each other, we both flirted a little, and he goes to my school! How to function??

[8:35] (Voicemail) Should I or should I not disclose my popular K-pop fan account if I want to work in the industry?

[17:10] How should I go about telling my family about my passion for music?


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