What Would Jamie Do?

Ep. #23 | Moving Abroad, Parasite Re-Imagined, & Meddling ft. World of Dave

av What Would Jamie Do? | Publicerades 3/11/2020

Don’t doubt yourself AND don’t rush it (whatever ‘it’ is for you), love Jamie.

AND YES — Dave is back again with your girl, Jamie to help your hearts and minds with: meddling parents, moving abroad butterflies, and unclear crushes!

[2:24] My boyfriend’s mother is rushing the relationship and meddles in my life! I want to tell her to back up a bit, but I’m scared she’ll force her son and I to break up…

[7:20] How do I get past the fear of going to a new place/moving to another country?

[18:37] 1-Sided crush for FIVE years now. We trust each other a lot, but when I recently reached out to him he didn’t give a sh*t. Help!

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