01x15 - Once Upon A Criminal Mind

Things we talk about: Once Upon A Time, Big Auto propaganda, and Criminal Minds season 3 storylines. Things we DON’T talk about: episode 1x15 “Unfinished Business” of Criminal Minds. We go on so many tangents we don't know where one ends and the other begins and oh god this episode is like 2 hours long I'm sorry. Does anyone even read these anymore? Who knows! New episodes every other Wednesday! Follow us on twitter: @WheelsUpPod

Om Podcasten

A Criminal Minds Podcast. Two lesbians submit themselves to 300+ episodes (and the spinoffs) to bring you an episode-by-episode look at wonders of the BAU. We Love It. We Hate It. We're Doing It. Join us. Follow us on twitter and insta: WheelsUpPod