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#9 Amazon: Who Pays at the Everything Store?

This week, we discuss the Rocket Man Jeff Bezos, Amazon, and how they've changed the game, for better or worse, for how book lovers shop online. Booksellers fear 'stranglehold' as Amazon snaps up British rival The Book Depository and 'Big Five' publishers accused of ebook price-fixing Amazon and Its Missing Books A Final Word Before Mr. Bezos Blasts Off Power and Peril: 5 Takeaways on Amazon’s Employment Machine Amazon offers 'wellness chamber' for stressed staff The Amazon That Customers Don’t See Brick and Mortar: Lessons About the Future of Bookselling Brick-and-mortar bookstores dying in electronic age? No, many are thriving China’s brick-and-mortar bookstores are making a comeback RADRecs: Libby BookBar Lit Books Gerakbudaya Silverfish You can find us on Instagram at readanddone or email us at And free Britney, you cowards!

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When All is Read and Done is a podcast where two readers, Aimee Lee and Josh Teh, share their perspectives and human rights issues surrounding the books they read. In the process, we try to make sense of the world one book at a time! You can find us on Instagram at readanddone or email us at