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Yael & Matt Recap Halloween - House at the End of the Street

av Where Are You REALLY From | Publicerades 10/22/2020

A mid 2000’s #horror movie? An #Oscar winning #actress (for something else), cheap real estate? A PG-13 rating? This movie has all three of those things and a little bit more of some other stuff. We watched “The House At The End Of The Street” from our apartment at the end of a parking lot as we continue our march towards 31 horror movies in 31 days continues. Yael Gavish & Matt Kona #Halloween

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Yael Gavish and Matt Kona , two comedians from Boston (Yael is from Israel though!)do comedy. Where are you REALLY from is a comedy show Yael created on 2017 with different comedians from all around the world now turning into a podcast with special comedians guests! stay tuned!