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Yael & Matt Recap Halloween - Motel Hell

av Where Are You REALLY From | Publicerades 10/27/2020

We get in our time traveling motorcycle side car and head back to #1980 to dig deep (well...shoulder deep) into a reluctant cult classic about #kidnapping, #cannibalism, small town values, open relationships, jealousy, smoking meet and large age gap romance. You don’t have to wait to see if we tipped the maid or wrote something nice in their ledger to find out how we feel about our stay in “Motel Hell” because you can just listen to today’s episode. Yael Gavish & Matt Kona #MotelHell

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Yael Gavish and Matt Kona , two comedians from Boston (Yael is from Israel though!)do comedy. Where are you REALLY from is a comedy show Yael created on 2017 with different comedians from all around the world now turning into a podcast with special comedians guests! stay tuned!