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Yael & Matt Recap Halloween - Three... Extremes

av Where Are You REALLY From | Publicerades 10/20/2020

Our first #anthology of the month is an international affair as the nations of China, South Korea and Japan band together to dazzle us with their art, while disturbing our soles. A #Dumpling Fountain Of Youth, pulling back the curtain of “nice people” in the entertainment industry and trying to think outside the box when it comes to avant garde theater with child performers. It’s a rocky ride, but worth the trip to experience some forms of #horror content that don’t normally get tapped into in this way. Yael Gavish & Matt Kona #ThreeExtremes

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Yael Gavish and Matt Kona , two comedians from Boston (Yael is from Israel though!)do comedy. Where are you REALLY from is a comedy show Yael created on 2017 with different comedians from all around the world now turning into a podcast with special comedians guests! stay tuned!