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Yael & Matt Recap Halloween - Trucks

av Where Are You REALLY From | Publicerades 10/30/2020

A Stephen King story makes another appearance on our month of podcasts, and it’s another re-make. Matt, who picked it, didn’t realize at the time that he was picking a more modern, less fun, more Canadien (and made for television) version of the schlock classic “Maximum Overdrive” but he did. And it’s called “Trucks.” We won’t spoil what it’s about, so be sure to tune in and listen as the month of October grinds to a close. Yael Gavish & Matt Kona #Trucks

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Yael Gavish and Matt Kona , two comedians from Boston (Yael is from Israel though!)do comedy. Where are you REALLY from is a comedy show Yael created on 2017 with different comedians from all around the world now turning into a podcast with special comedians guests! stay tuned!