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Ep.3 Pricing. It's Difficult.

Hello and welcome back to the 'Where's My Thing?' podcast! The podcast that helps you find your thing while helping us find our thing.In today's episode we talk about how we price ourselves and why it's so difficult to increase that pricing without feeling guilty and cheeky. It's less about learning today and more about setting a benchmark for the future for the both of us to reflect on.So sit back, relax and enjoy the latest episode of Where's My Thing?Link(s) to topics mentioned in the episode:Matt Estlea's YouTube Channel (Matt Estlea): Harvey's YouTube Channel:'s Bass Lessons (Online Bass School): Flynn's Affiliate Marking (Affiliate Marketing Course): Molina's Masterclass (Online Piano School): Value (Online Business School):

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Hosted by YouTuber Matt Estlea and Video Producer Rob Harvey 'Where's My Thing' dives into the world of producing and developing a creative business from scratch. With weekly episodes covering Matt and Rob's experience in the industry, interviews with special guests and lessons that you can start implementing right now, you won't want to miss a single podcast. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the 'Where's My Thing' podcast and start building your business today.