First Sea Devils ... Now Sea VAMPIRES!? The Curse of Fenric Part 1 & 2 | Who Watches Who Episode 49

This week Mathew and Scott are looking at Parts 1 & 2 of one of the last ever Classic Who Stories with The Curse of Fenric! Sea Vampires! Curses! Russians! Everything you could ever want from a Doctor Who story. WHERE YOU CAN LISTEN TO WHO WATCHES WHO!! YOUTUBE: ANCHOR: BREAKER: GOOGLE PODCASTS: POCKET CASTS: RADIO PUBLIC: SPOTIFY: RSS LINK:  EMAIL US:  SOCIAL MEDIA:  FACEBOOK: TWITTER: MATHEW'S TWITTER:

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We’re Mathew and Scott and we’re mad men with a TV box. Come listen to us on our timey wimey adventures covering every Doctor Who story ever across the galaxy of TV, Audio Dramas, Comics, Books and so much more! It’ll be the trip of a lifetime.