The Feet Episode | Jaded in Japan w/ Sunny & Syd | Why Come Japan #79

▶Join the Discord for Why Come Japan updates, memes, and more The playful ladies of Jaded in Japan podcast join the show to talk about their origin stories, working in the Japanese entertainment industry, Why they came to Japan for Shoujo manga (manga for girls), Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, update on my weightloss saga, D-picks, and Feet. So much talk about feet... And I hope this gets me at least 2 more loyal viewers! Check out the full version of the Jaded in Japan podcast w/ me, Sunny, and Syd here: 🕹Twitch: 💕Subscribe: 💖Patreon: 📨Email: 👍Like: 🐦Follow: 📸Instagram: 🌐Website:

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