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Episode 2.3 - A Jagged Little Pill of a Year (Elizabeth Stanley)

av Why Here | Publicerades 10/30/2020

Yes, it's ironic that Broadway star Elizabeth Stanley received her first Tony nomination for a show in which the cast sings a song called "Ironic," in a year that could only be described as a Jagged Little Pill. Never mind whether or not the famed Alanis Morrissette song "Ironic" actually has any real examples of irony in it. That's a debate that's raged for more than two decades ... On this week's episode of Why Here we don't get to the bottom of that, but we do indeed get the infinitely talented Elizabeth to tell us how she became the star of the Broadway musical JAGGED LITTLE PILL, an adaptation of the album that many Gen X'ers and most Millennials will recall as the music that changed their lives. 

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