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Episode 2.5 - The Tea ... On So Many Things (Wana Udobang)

av Why Here | Publicerades 11/13/2020

Stories are some of the most powerful tools we have to shape our world.  Native Nigerian Wana Udobang tells them on many different canvases. She's a journalist, a poet, an artist and a political activist whose work has been featured on the BBC, CNN and other renowned outlets. Her three spoken word albums focus on the themes of body, self-love, sexual agency, sensuality, female injustice and marginalization. On this week's episode of Why Here, she joins hosts Benton Whitley and Tristan McAllister from Lagos to talk about #EndSARS, a youth uprising, LGBTQIA rights, radical self love and what #BlackLivesMatter looks like from afar. 

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A liberal arts degree guarantees you nothing, besides a sense of entitlement and the nerve to think that you could somehow start a critically acclaimed podcast. Enter Why Here, a show independently produced and hosted by Tristan McAllister and Benton Whitley, two millennials and constant over thinkers who have spent their adult lives learning how little they actually know about the world around them. What manifests is a narrative as much about origin as it is about finding a destination. Through cultural commentary and interviews with friends and strangers the two uncover the complicated and inspiring stories that led us all here.