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Episode 2.9 - Slipping Into Mom’s DMs (Sian-Pierre Regis & Rebecca Danigelis)

av Why Here | Publicerades 12/18/2020

Can you imagine jumping out of an airplane with your nearly 80-year-old mother?  Sian-Pierre Regis can. It was actually his mother Rebecca Danigelis’ idea. She had a few more too, all of which went on the bucket list that Sian-Pierre asked her to make after she was fired from her job and forced out of the apartment she had lived in for nearly four decades. She was devastated. He saw a chance to give her all the things she always dreamed of. The two set out on a journey to discover the world and rediscover one another. He made it into a critically acclaimed film called Duty Free. The two join Tristan and Benton on this week’s episode of Why Here. 

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A liberal arts degree guarantees you nothing, besides a sense of entitlement and the nerve to think that you could somehow start a critically acclaimed podcast. Enter Why Here, a show independently produced and hosted by Tristan McAllister and Benton Whitley, two millennials and constant over thinkers who have spent their adult lives learning how little they actually know about the world around them. What manifests is a narrative as much about origin as it is about finding a destination. Through cultural commentary and interviews with friends and strangers the two uncover the complicated and inspiring stories that led us all here.