Service Design in Government and Public Services | Benjamin Taylor

One of the most important applications of service design is in the government or public services sector, where there is a big potential to create efficiency and meaningful change. We talk with Benjamin Taylor, who is a consultant in public services. As the founder of RedQuadrant management consultancy and a Chief Executive of the nonprofit Public Service Transformation Academy, Benjamin has a long history of innovating public services. Check out the show notes for all references and links. ________ Feedback loops are crucial in service design! Please take a moment to share your thoughts about this show at ________ Love what you hear? Please subscribe, rate, and review us. Each review goes a long way. As always, thank you for listening!

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Why Service Design Thinking is podcast that helps business to do things better and do better things. Service design is one of the next big competitive advantages in business and it is being used with great success by corporations and other large organizations around the world. But how can a smaller business, a startup, or a nonprofit adopt these innovative techniques? We talk with experts in the field and share lots of case studies on how you can engage your customers, create delightful experiences, and build a lasting legacy. Don’t forget to listen until the very end, for this week’s design challenge. Hosted by: Marina Terteryan Want to keep in touch? Sign up for the mailing list at for access to useful freebies and bonus resources that won’t be available anywhere else. Like what you hear? Please subscribe, rate, and review us!