How Did TikTok Replace Tinder for Lesbians?

TikTok - a place of short, fun viral videos that's constantly on the edge of being banned. But for some of the LGBTQ community, TikTok is the new Tinder. Jordan Erica Webber and Joshua Rivera explore why lesbians are turning to this social media app as an ad hoc dating app. They speak with Megan Mitchell, a news anchor in Cincinnati, who met her girlfriend through TikTok, Lena Wilson, a journalist whose article in the New York Times explores this new phenomenon, and Elizabeth Lovett, a writer who's writing a book about the precursor to TikTok and dating apps for lesbians before the age of the internet. Plus, Wild Wild Tech runs it's own dating experiment for the podcast to see if our single-and-looking test subject can find love via TikTok. Go to to get an extra three months FREE! Follow Wild Wild Tech Instagram:  Twitter:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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