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Cal Major

Cal Major: ocean advocate, veterinary surgeon,adventure-seeker and proper paddleboarder sits down with Geoff Bird to discuss her six nature related tracks that chronicle her journey around activism. She covers why it's important to remain positive when discussing the climate crisis, becoming a dive master in Australia and hearing Bob Marley  on repeat from the bar she lived above, her time in Plymouth joining up with Surfers Against Sewage whilst listening to Cat Empire, becoming the first woman to paddleboard around the Isle of Skye as well as grief over losing a friend and how her relationship with the outdoors deepened because of it. Formidable doesn't even cut it. This episode was recorded at and produced in conjunction with the Kendal Mountain Festival. — In the Wilderness Tracks, writers, artists, scientists and thinkers talk with producer Geoff Bird about six pieces of music that somehow connect them to nature.

Om Podcasten

Geoff Bird presents the Wilderness Tracks; an hour long discussion with a selection of writers, artists, scientists and thinkers asking them to choose six tracks which soundtrack their relationship with nature.