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Melissa Harrison

Novelist and nature writer, Melissa Harrison takes Goeff Bird on a walk around her rural Suffolk locale to discuss her six nature related tracks. Her latest book, 'The Stubborn Light of Things', also came in the form a podcast over the course of lockdown starting in early 2020 and documented the wonder and richness of the natural world. Her selections take two paths: one firmly rooted in her love of dance, electronic and ambient music (see: Peter Rogers, Grasscut), the other highlighting classical and folk traditions (Ralph Vaughan Williams, Sam Lee). As they walk,  Melissa describes the rush of hearing Sam Lee's rendition of 'Green Grow the Rushes-O',  the ahead-of-her-time musician Virginia Astley, marvel at a magnificent oak tree and role of nature in her books- standard fare for another episode of the Wilderness Tracks.—In the Wilderness Tracks, writers, artists, scientists and thinkers talk with producer Geoff Bird about six pieces of music that somehow connect them to nature.

Om Podcasten

Geoff Bird presents the Wilderness Tracks; an hour long discussion with a selection of writers, artists, scientists and thinkers asking them to choose six tracks which soundtrack their relationship with nature.