194 : Top 5 Make Up Tips for Women of Color with Ceylone Boothe Grooms

Pageant makeup for dark skin is completely different from pageant makeup for light skin! I obviously don’t know much about dark skin pageant makeup, let alone dark skin everyday makeup! This is why I have invited the amazing Ceylone Boothe Grooms in to talk about the differences in dark skin pageant makeup and the challenges that women of color face in the pageant industry. In this episode, Ceylone is giving her top 5 pageant makeup tips for women of color!   Ceylone Boothe Grooms is a Brand Ambassador, Model, Makeup Artist, Motivational Speaker and reigning Mrs. New Jersey American 2021. Ceylone has been involved in the pageant and beauty industry for over 25 years.    Some of her pageant accomplishments include being crowned Miss New York Star 1995, Ms. New York American United States 2000, Ms. East Coast USA 2003, Mrs. NJ United States 2009, Mrs. NJ America 2011, Mrs. NJ International 2013 and Mrs. All-Star United States 2018.   Ceylone's work has appeared in on film/t.v., fashion runways, and national print publications. Some of her professional credits include appearances on NBC's Today Show, the Dr. Oz Show, MTV's MADE, New's 12 Spotlight NJ, Host for NJFW, Modeling for NYFW, billboards in NYC's Times Square, national print ads and Music Videos. Recently, she has added food blogger to her resume, she is also a featured food contributor for Bella Magazine.   Ceylone is very active in her community voluteering for various organizations such as, Kick Cancer Overboard, The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, Autism Speaks and so much more.. Ceylone is a proud Ambassador for The Esther Project, a global women's empowerment movement that encourages women to find their passion and purpose. Ceylone currently resides in New Jersey with her husband Lorenzo and her 4 children.   Find Ceylone on socials : Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ceyloneboothegrooms  Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ceylone   Subscribe: Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | YouTube  Connect with Alycia Darby: Join the Free Pageant Course Visit WinAPageant.com Follow Alycia on Instagram  #winapageant #pageantry #pageant #AlyciaDarby #pageanttipstowin. #pageanttipsforbeginners #pageanttips #pageanttraining #pageantinterview #onstagequestion #pageantq&a  Watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/ApFVa2D1ghU ©2022 Zimnoch Enterprise, LLC | All Rights Reserved | Win A Pageant®

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Alycia Darby shares coaching exercises weekly to simplify pageantry for women in pageants like Ms. America, Miss USA, Miss America, Miss International and Mrs. America. She educates pageant contestants with tips on fitness, interview, modeling, platform, fashion, beauty and more in a new episode every Wednesday. Are you ready to win a pageant?