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Xavier Rousset

av Winedrinkers Podcast | Publicerades 1/10/2021

His first ever restaurant Empire received a Michelin Star and he recently created the first ever hospitality private members Club which has now been converted into an exclusive downloadable App - TradeHospitality. Xavier Rousset is an incredibly talented man, who after becoming the youngest ever Master Sommelier a couple of decades ago, owned 10 restaurants in the UK.In this Episode, Xavier gives us tips for anyone who would like to open their own restaurant, we talk about how to deal with stress when under pressure and he shares some of his best and most awkward wine stories while we drink Oastbrook Wine,  an English wine which I fell in love with a few years ago.I really hope you will enjoy to get to know Xavier Rousset, one of my favourite wine drinkers as he reveals tricks and tips from the Hospitality Industry.Special Oastbrook wine discount with code : Sparklingsophie

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