Winter of Discontent Ep.31 - A Beatles Podcast

January 7th 1969. John eventually arrives. Paul channels his muse and creates a number one single out of thin air. The band and some of the crew then have a discussion about the show - this is part one of a two parter on this, their lowest ebb so far in the project. It’s a long one and it needs some concentration but we’ll analyse everything at the end. Link:

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It’s January 1969 and The Beatles are commercially at their peak with a number one Album in the charts and the summers smash hit ‘Hey Jude.’ Professionally things couldn’t be worse, however. Paul has convinced them to rehearse for a live show before the cameras, but his band mates have misgivings which will only multiply as the days progress. This is ‘The Winter of Discontent’. And we’re going to listen in to what will transpire.