WTF are Pleiadians?!? ...and so much more with Jordan Younger from the Balanced Blonde Podcast.

This episode is brought to you by NED. Ned produces the highest quality Full Spectrum CBD extracted from organically grown hemp plants, all sourced from Colorado organically. Go to where you can checkout with discount code: WESLIE for 15% off your first order plus FREE shipping.I loved this episode...and also, I just really love Jordan. I could talk to her for HOURS. So, if you don't already know, Jordan Younger is the beautiful mind behind The Balanced Blonde Soul on Fire Podcast.In this episode we talk about how she became global news back in 2014 for openly taking a break from veganism, and the subsequent backlash she received. It was a whirlwind! She wrote a book called, Breaking Vegan, but as we discuss in the show, Jordan admits it feels like a different person who went through that experience.  (She is currently vegan again and THRIVING!) So much has changed in the last 6 years for Jordan. She was diagnosed with lyme disease, and has been openly sharing what has been working for her and not working for her throughout her healing journey with chronic illness. Something that has spiked my interest so incredibly much that Jordan shares with us in this episode is her information and experience with the Pleiadians. I had no idea what this was before she told me about them, but it is fascinating! We also discuss her newfound spiritual gifts that she's been discovering which include seeing people's face shape shift. This is such an interesting discussion, that's for sure! ALSO! We did a podcast swap and joint giveaway, so head on over to The Balanced Blonde, Soul on Fire podcast to hear Jordan interview me.To enter the giveaway: Subscribe, rate, and review both of our podcasts on Apple podcasts. Take a screenshot then send it to and we will pick a joint winner!The winner will receive one of my Do No Harm/Take No Shit crewnecks, and Jordan's 22 day detox recipe EBook that is filled with 50 healthy, plant based meals that are all salt, oil, and sugar free!

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