Surviving in Scrubs, Male Contraception, Little Women Opera, Caps for England Women's Team

It’s being called medicine’s Me Too moment. Two female doctors have launched an online campaign gathering testimony about sexual harassment and a culture of sexism in the world of health care. Dr Becky Cox and Dr Chelcie Jewitt join Krupa to explain why they launched Surviving in Scrubs. Last week we looked at radical solutions to the ageing population and slowing birth rate, including a tax on the childfree. One country which has taken a unique approach is Hungary which introduced tax breaks and loans to encourage women to have more children in 2019. The BBC’s Nick Thorpe’s joins Krupa to discuss how successful the policy has been. Back in 1972, the very first England Women's Football Team beat Scotland in their first international victory, but unlike the men’s team, the Lionesses were not awarded official caps. Pressure has been mounting for the Football Association to recognise the 1972 team with caps. The reserve goalkeeper, Sue Wyhatt, joins us as the FA announce they will award the caps. The male contraceptive pill has been talked about for decades but so far has never got past the research stages. There is a current clinical trial though that is already yielding good results – however it’s not a pill, it’s a gel. It’s also had positive feedback from the couples who tried it. Krupa is joined by Dr Diana Blithe, who leads the Contraceptive Development Program at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the US. The UK premiere of Little Women opens at Opera Holland Park later this week. The award winning director Ella Marchment, joins Krupa Padhy, along with Charlotte Padham, who makes her professional debut as Jo. Presenter: Krupa Padhy Producer: Emma Pearce

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