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Danielle Meitiv: Hashimoto’s & Thyroid Health

av Women & ADHD | Publicerades 6/21/2021

Episode 39 with Danielle Meitiv. "I have all these great ideas. I can see the end point so clearly, but the path to get there is a dark forest and I have no idea what steps to take." Danielle Meitiv is a scientist, health coach, and a mom with Hashimoto’s and ADHD. After 20 years working on climate science and policy and nearly 30 years with Hashimoto’s, she decided to change careers. Now she uses her science training to help other women with thyroid problems boost their energy and metabolism to get their lives back. She’s also one of the rare group of ADHD women who was diagnosed with hyperactive type, so we talk about that and growing up as an undiagnosed hyperactive child.  We also talk about what it was like to work in the science field and academia with undiagnosed ADHD. And, of course, Danielle talks about thyroid health and the work she does with her clients. If you have Hashimoto’s or any thyroid issues, you won’t want to miss this episode. Enjoy! Website: thyroidhealingsolutions.com Instagram: @coach.danielle.meitiv   You've found your people! Now come join us in the Women & ADHD online community: www.womenandadhd.com - - - - - Registration is open! Claim your spot in Katy's upcoming 6-week group coaching program.  - - - - - Women & ADHD listeners can now receive 10% off your first month of BetterHelp. Click here to get started! - - - - - If you are a woman who was diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood and you’d like to be a guest on this podcast, please reach out to Katy via email womenandADHDpodcast@gmail.com. Website: www.womenandadhd.com Twitter: @womenandadhd Instagram: @womenandadhdpodcast Katy Weber's website: www.worthitwithkaty.com

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