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Dr. Lola Day: Is ADHD really a superpower?

av Women & ADHD | Publicerades 5/17/2021

Episode 34 with Dr. Lola Day. "We're hyperactive in our minds. We may be quiet, but we're thinking about 1,001 different things." Dr. Day is double boarded pediatric and fetal cardiologist as well as a productivity and work life strategist for women who have ADHD. As someone who did very well in school and was top of her class, so never thought she could have ADHD. But she also knew she really struggled with tasks that were mundane and was constantly down on herself for not achieving everything with the same fervor and enthusiasm as she did medicine. We talk about the stigmas surrounding ADHD, especially in the medical field, as well as the notion of ADHD being a superpower and how it can be problematic if we’re not willing to address the very real struggles women face, including the trauma of living life undiagnosed. Lola calls those struggles our kryptonite, and her goal is to help other women hone their strengths while targeting their kryptonite so they can create strategies for success and balance in their lives. Lola is incredible, so sit back and enjoy! Website: www.lollietasking.com Instagram: @lollietasker   - - - - - Women & ADHD listeners can now receive 10% off your first month of BetterHelp. Click here to get started! - - - - - NEW: Send a voicemail recording (Katy may even use it in a future episode!) - - - - - If you are a woman who was diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood and you’d like to be a guest on this podcast, please reach out to Katy via email womenandADHDpodcast@gmail.com. Website: www.womenandadhd.com Twitter: @womenandadhd Instagram: @womenandadhdpodcast Katy Weber's website: www.worthitwithkaty.com

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A late diagnosis turned her world upside down. Join Katy Weber each week as she interviews other women who discovered they have ADHD in adulthood and are finally feeling like they understand who they are and how to best lean into their strengths, both professionally and personally. This neurodivergence isn't just for hyperactive little boys anymore!