Liz Cordeiro: Substance abuse & negative self-image with ADHD

Episode 25 with Liz Cordeiro. "No one judges me like I judge me." Liz was diagnosed with combined type ADHD in 2020. Following her diagnosis, she started her Glitter Brain blog, in which she shares her journey, her stories, her tips, and educational information about ADHD and related conditions. She currently lives in Northern Virginia, and when she’s not blogging, she enjoys spending time with her husband and dog, cooking, and running. We talk about chronic struggles with negative self-talk and self-image, as well as the pendulum of mood swings that lead so many of us to wonder if we have bipolar disorder. And Liz shares about her long & winding road to a diagnosis and sobriety. Enjoy! Website: Glitter-Brain Twitter: @MyGlitteryBrain   If you are a woman who was diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood and you’d like to be a guest on this podcast, please reach out to Katy via email Website: Twitter: @womenandadhd Instagram: @womenandadhdpodcast Katy Weber's website:

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A late diagnosis turned her world upside down. Join Katy Weber each week as she interviews other women who discovered they have ADHD in adulthood and are finally feeling like they understand who they are and how to best lean into their strengths, both professionally and personally. This neurodivergence isn't just for hyperactive little boys anymore!