Pride Edition: shine the spotlight on women in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Happy Pride! We’re super excited to celebrate Pride Month and shine the spotlight on women in the LGBTQIA+ community. Women have been prominent figures in queer social movements. As LGBTQIA+ folks are still fighting for freedom from oppression, so are queer women. In the United States, it’s still legal in many states for private employers to discriminate against applicants, pay employees less, and even fire them on the basis of gender or sexual orientation. In Europe, a recent survey found that discrimination is still present in the workplace, in public spaces, and when trying to access housing or social services like healthcare. As always this conversation is brought to you by: Ligia Boueres, Nastya Koro, Sadie Martin and Galuh Rohmah.Our guest: Helen HagemeierHelen Hagemeier is a queer couple and sex therapist (occupational therapist) specialized in psychosomatic and hypnosis therapy based in Germany (check out her Instagram here). Helen shares her personal experience and talks about being authentic in and out of the workplace - especially a challenge to members of the LGBTQIA+ community, but something we can all learn from. The On Her Way Podcast is hosted by The Women of TIER Initiative and TIER Mobility, with the mission to inspire women & allies through examples of leadership & learning, enabling the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and networking in the startups & work environments.Wanna know more about our initiative? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.ProductionTon, Sound Production and Sound Design: Tim TabellionContent Production: Ligia Boueres, Nastya Koro, Sadie Martin and Galuh Rohmah.

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On Her Way is a podcast of curious conversations with women like you and me - women who lead. Because guess what? Diverse perspectives make the world a better place. So tune in to follow the paths of some badass (but also normal) women. We talk about how they got there (wherever there is), what moves them (e-scooters, anyone?) and what still needs to change (spoiler alert: a lot).