Mind the Mobility Gap: Accessible Mobility.

Accessible mobility: it's an important part of any urban transportation system, but it's not just about infrastructure. In this episode, we'll dive into the facets of accessible mobility, what to consider when designing accessible mobility, and how to make it more inclusive to a diverse group of people.As always this conversation is brought to you by: Ligia Boueres, Nastya Koro, Sadie Martin and Galuh Rohmah.Episode's guest:There's no better expert to join us than Ines Kawgan-Kagan, whose fascinating research caught our eye a while ago. We're excited to share her with you this time!Ines is a mobility expert focussing her work on gender differences in sustainable urban mobility. She is the founder of the AEM Institute which aims to push the topic of accessible and equitable mobility. She has been involved in European Transport Conference as a speaker, chair of the young researchers’ and practitioners’ forum, and the co-editor of the conference proceedings.In the meantime, take a moment to remember your daily commute experience (we know, it seems like ages ago). Do you think it would be the same for people with reduced mobility, the elderly, or someone without a phone?The On Her Way Podcast is hosted by The Women of TIER Initiative and TIER Mobility, with the mission to inspire women & allies through examples of leadership & learning, enabling the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and networking in the startups & work environments.Wanna know more about our initiative? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.ProductionTon, Sound Production and Sound Design: Tim Tabellion Content Production: Ligia Boueres, Nastya Koro, Sadie Martin and Galuh Rohmah.

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