Mind the Mobility Gap: Is the future female?

Artificial Intelligence is shaping more and more of our lives, yet women make up only 22% of people working in AI globally. Our guest for this episode is one of the 22%: Inmar Givoni, who led a team building AI for self-driving vehicles at Uber. Inmar helps us dispel some of the mystery behind AI and talks about how it shows up in our daily lives, including in mobility. And of course, she weighs in on the famous self-driving car dilemma!As always this conversation is brought to you by Women of TIER: Ligia Boueres, Nastya Koro, Sadie Martin and Galuh Rohmah.The On Her Way Podcast is hosted by The Women of TIER Initiative , with the mission to inspire women & allies through examples of leadership & learning, enabling the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and networking in the startups & work environments.Wanna know more about our initiative? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.   Production  Sound Production and Sound Design: Tim Tabellion  Music by Cedric Holler  Content Production: Ligia Boueres, Nastya Koro, Sadie Martin and Galuh Rohmah.

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