Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world

In this episode, we interview Georgie Smallwood, Chief Product Officer at TIER Mobility. We talk about the challenges of women in leadership and the effects of COVID-19. Georgie brings her own experience and shares with us was how was to start working as a C-level in a fast-paced growth environment such as TIER and leading a team that she had never had the chance to meet in person.  Georgie also shares with us the challenges she faced balancing her personal and work life in a new environment that we all got to know better during these times: our home - now also our office, our gym, and sometimes a school too.   As always this conversation is brought to you by: Ligia Boueres, Nastya Koro, Sadie Martin and Galuh Rohmah.Episode's guest:Georgie is the Chief Product Officer at Tier Mobility. Her career has been one of constant hyper-growth from scaling Australia’s biggest marketplace at REA Group and transforming teams and business models in Hong Kong, then onto successful IPO’s in Germany with Scout 24, and leading the N26 product as CPO for over 2 years- setting the product direction through 5 funding rounds, growing the team from 20-140+ and supporting the growth of 800k to 6mil+ consumers across the globe.  She is a passionate supporter of Women in Technology and Leadership and through her advising and investing roles she primarily focuses on Female founders and co-founders to drive equality of funding and diversity of thought in the technology space.The On Her Way Podcast is hosted by The Women of TIER Initiative, with the mission to inspire women & allies through examples of leadership & learning, enabling the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and networking in the startups & work environments.Wanna know more about our initiative? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.  Production  Sound Production and Sound Design: Tim Tabellion  Music by Cedric Holler  Content Production: Ligia Boueres, Nastya Koro, Sadie Martin and Galuh Rohmah.

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