AMERICA VS GERMANY I which country is better for musicians

Welcome to the first Episode of the Wonder Cello Podcast. I am here today with Cehie Kim, a wonderful cellist based in Berlin. We talked about what is like being Cellist coming from America and Germany, music universities, competitions and whats like playing an Orchestra audition. We actually go way back, we studied together in Leipzig with Prof. Peter Bruns.  Here Questions we talked about: -How did you come by learning the Cello? When did you start? -What was your motivation to move to Europe and specifically Germany? -Was it difficult to get used to your new environment? Musically and Personally? -What is the most striking difference between studying music at a university in the States in comparison to a German university? -Are there similarities? -In your opinion: Is it easier to get gigs in the US or in Germany? -In which country are the circumstances better to become a classical musician? -What prize or scholarship meant the most to you? -Do you prefer playing as a Tutti-Cello in an orchestra or playing solo concerts? -You played a premiere of a piece in 2007 in Canada. Do you enjoy playing contemporary music? -You live in Berlin. What’s Berlin like after big cities in the US? -Is there a specific concert that stuck in your memory? Why? -What is teaching like in the US? Different to teaching in Germany? -What is your favourite orchestra? -Any advice on practice motivation? -How many auditions have you done? -Any advice on how to win an audition?

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