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TKE: Finding tomorrow’s Black entrepreneurs, with Eric Collins, Impact X CEO

In the UK last year, if you were a woman, just 2.9 per cent of venture capital went to you. If you were a black business founder you saw just 0.2 per cent of all investment capital. And if you were a black woman, it was a mere 0.02 per cent. "Those numbers mean there are a lot of individuals who are not being funded who have great ideas, and that some who don’t have such great ideas are getting funded, so that’s the issue,” says Eric Collins, CEO of Impact X, a venture capital fund that’s putting its money into backing under-represented entrepreneurs. Also on the programme, we announce our first two Portas Reports, available to purchase here and featuring: 9 principles to build genuine trust – unpacked, explained and quantified 47 examples of progressive businesses to learn from 30 “what-if” questions to stretch your creative and commercial thinking A library of additional resources from inspiring thought leaders Purchase your copy now To get in touch with team Portas, email us at: Subscribe to the Portas POV Newsletter for musings, provaction insights and inspiration. Want to keep up-to-date with all things Portas? Follow us here: Instagram ** Linkedin ** Twitter

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Beautiful Misfits don’t accept the status quo. They know instinctively the way we’re living today is broken. But they believe the world can be a better place. And they fearlessly take the imaginative leap to change it. Join Mary as she talks to the authors and businesspeople, designers and poets, who are using their unique perspective to create a better, more beautiful, future. Their life lessons are sometimes funny, at others moving, but always insightful. And one thing is clear: we’ve never needed these beautiful misfits more. A Pixiu production.