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Tisdagar Working Wife, Happy Life!

Episode 0 - Welcome to Working Wife, Happy Life!

av Working Wife, Happy Life! | Publicerades 1/15/2020

In this introductory episode I take some time to introduce myself and a bit more of what this podcast will be all about.

Om Podcasten

Delivering compelling conversations about societal gender norms surrounding success, money and household roles. Focusing on a range of topics such as women in the workplace, gender roles within and outside the home, entrepreneurship, parenting, money, career, women's healthcare, wellness and more! Hear from entrepreneurs, best-selling authors and industry leaders as they share their stories of how they themselves have risen to success or overcome obstacles; how they've seen those around them face challenges and opportunities; all while navigating their roles at home, at work and in society. ​Hosted by Bethanie Baynes, a tireless women's advocate and recognized leader on the topic of breadwinning women. With a 16 year career in tech as an executive with Google, she is the founder the Breadwinning Women's community at Google and has been featured on CNBC, Refinery 29, Know Your Value "Women in the News" and on podcasts such as So Money with Farnoosh Torabi. She was an official speaker at this year's NYC Women's March and hosts many episodes of Talks At Google, the company sponsored YouTube channel, on topics focused on furthering women in various industries. Note: The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host, and do not represent the opinions of her employer. There is no affiliation between this podcast and Google.