How "Bookstagrammer" Jordan Moblo Crafts His Posts

This week, host Rumaan Alam talks to Jordan Moblo, the man behind the Instagram account, which features artful photos of both fiction and nonfiction books, as well as short reviews of titles Jordan feels like promoting. In the interview, Jordan discusses the creative decisions that go into his posts and explains what it was like to grow an audience of 69,000 followers. He also talks about balancing his Instagram hobby with his full-time job.  After the interview, Rumaan and co-host Isaac Butler discuss Jordan’s decision to never post negative reviews of books.  In the exclusive Slate Plus segment, Jordan lists some of his favorite book covers and talks about the hashtag #bookstagrammademedoit.   Send your questions about creativity and any other feedback to or give us a call at (304) 933-9675. Podcast production by Cameron Drews.  If you enjoy this show, please consider signing up for Slate Plus. Slate Plus members get benefits like zero ads on any Slate podcast, bonus episodes of shows like Slow Burn and the Culture Gabfest—and you’ll be supporting the work we do here on Working. Sign up now at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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