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Zach Rosenberg — Business Growth Consultant

av WorkLife at Home | Publicerades 12/7/2020

Way back before the pandemic, before Zoom, before LinkedIn, the ad agency Chiat/Day (creators of the infamous "1984" spot that introduced the Apple Macintosh) figured working virtually was a viable way to run a company. Zach Rosenberg was on the task force that declared working from home — or from anywhere for that matter — was the future of advertising, and figured out to how to make it work. In 1993! Since then, Zach has run entire agencies, and is now a consultant. Find out how Chiat/Day "invented" WFH, and how Zach recommends that you promote your own business despite a pandemic. In addition, you'll hear about exploding glass, how networking really works, helping to build a company from millions to billions, and marketing brands in outer space. Yep, for real. All this and more in Episode 15, plus a little Easter egg for patient listeners!

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