Ep. 46 Nicole Systrom on Combating the Climate Crisis with an "Investment Revolution"

Now that the U.S. has just elected a presidential candidate with the most specific, ambitious and comprehensive climate plan ever put forward by a national party candidate, how can the new administration make up for the lost time over the last 4 years? Nicole Systrom, Founder of Sutro Energy Group, works with investors and clean tech social entrepreneurs and is a climate activist who believes there are things President Biden--and everyone--can and must do to address climate change in his first few months in office. As a member of Climate Leaders for Biden, she is laser focused on addressing the climate crisis and can discuss what’s needed from investors, philanthropists and policymakers to move the needle forward at last, from supporting local environmental justice groups to making a first low-carbon investment. And, as someone who advises clean-tech entrepreneurs, she’s knowledgeable about the innovation that’s needed from startups too. Come join us as we learn more about the much needed “investment revolution” to combat the climate crisis. Nicole serves on the board of directors for Activate, a non-profit supporting entrepreneurial scientists and engineers tackling the world's biggest challenges; Prime Coalition, a non-profit providing funding to companies combating climate change; and the Energy Foundation.

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