Gundula Rhoades: How food solves the ecological and health crisis of people, animals and the planet

Gundula Rhoades owns a veterinary practice in Inverell, New South Wales, Australia. Her recently published book, The Food Solution: Eating Today to Save Tomorrow, explains that by eating food that comes from regenerative farms we can help to reverse the degradation of human, animal, and soil health while also combatting climate change. In our conversation, we speak about how Gundula, or Gundi as she prefers to be called, came to realize the connection between soil health, animal health, and human health, and how her training in veterinary sciences did not prepare her to take a holistic approach to healing. We also talk about the changes that she sees currently happening in Australia; as more and more people are realizing the benefits of switching away from chemical-driven food production to more regenerative approaches of healing the land. In addition, we explore the effects of this shift she has noticed in the people and the animals visiting her veterinary clinic.

Om Podcasten

Worlds in Transition, or 'Världar i Omställning' as the podcast series is called in Swedish, focuses on the transitions to sustainable lifeforms that goes on in different places around the world today, where people make change happen through active engagement in their own communities. In this first series I focus on introducing the concept of 'Transition' in the Swedish speaking parts of Finland, while also making visible the people leading this grassroots revolution in this part of the world. Future pods will bring more examples from around the globe.