Worlds in Transition - Världar i Omställning

Rob Hopkins about the emergence of the Transition Movement

av Worlds in Transition - Världar i Omställning | Publicerades 4/21/2020

Rob Hopkins is one of the founders of the Transition Network ­­­­­that emerged from the Transition Town Initiative in Totnes in the mid 2000s. Rob has written several books about how local communities can build resilience and more sustainable life forms by localizing the economy and making use of the skills and ability that exist within the community itself. I met Rob in 2018 at Schumacher collage just outside Totnes. During our conversation we talked about how the Transition Network originally emerged and spread across the world. We also discussed the challenges that arise when people from diverse backgrounds come together to change their behaviours and practices. Editing: Tommi Ranta

Om Podcasten

Worlds in Transition, or 'Världar i Omställning' as the podcast series is called in Swedish, focuses on the transitions to sustainable lifeforms that goes on in different places around the world today, where people make change happen through active engagement in their own communities. In this first series I focus on introducing the concept of 'Transition' in the Swedish speaking parts of Finland, while also making visible the people leading this grassroots revolution in this part of the world. Future pods will bring more examples from around the globe.