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How would you feel about a superhero story that makes Watchmen look like Superfriends? This is a superhero story that kicks Marvel's and DC's asses out of the multiverse. It's fast, emotional, tactical and above all it's consistent. In a world where people get their powers by triggering under extreme stress and/or trauma, the distinction between ''hero'' and ''villain'' is simply a matter of perspective. Widely regarded as ''the Game of Thrones of superhero stories'' Worm is an intense exploration of a world much like our own if a large number of people started getting superpowers starting in the 1980's. After an exceptionally traumatizing event, Taylor Hebert finds she has the seemingly-mundane ability to control insects. Told primarily from her perspective, Worm follows Taylor as she decides to use these powers for the greater good - no matter what the cost. Her first attempt at taking down a supervillain sees her mistaken for one, thrusting her into the midst of the chaos and complexities of the 'cape' community of Brockton Bay. Cape politics, factions, rivalries, information warfare, and the individual problems of the unbalanced people beneath the costumes puts even the heroes' morality in question. Taylor's actions in the midst of this leave her in a position where she's forced to make some hard choices, facing the reality of having to do the wrong things for the right reasons. ''The only superhero work to show the world as worse because of superheroes'' ''X-men has more continent busters, while Worm has more busted continents'' ''You know all those times in superhero stories where you wonder why they don't just do *this* or *that* with their power? In this, they *do*''