Author Erik Buchanan

I had the privilege to interview the amazing and very knowledgeable Erik Buchanan this week.  He was delightful and very helpful.  This is one of those podcast episodes you shouldn't skip, as his advice is very informative and necessary in this game of being your own publisher.  We talk writing process, marketing, and various other indie publisher topics.  You shouldn't stop there, though, because he's written a few books.  His latest, The Trials of Abyowith is a page turner for sure, and you can get it FOR FREE by going to his website and signing up on the mailing list. --- Support this podcast:

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This is a podcast for the hard working independent writer. Join Roger Colby as he shares his years of experience writing and publishing independent science fiction novels, interviews local independent authors, and answers listener questions on air about writing and publishing topics. Check out the website for more self-publishing information and writing tips! Support this podcast: