Yellow Brick Road

#48 - Creepy Crawly VFX

av Yellow Brick Road | Publicerades 4/30/2020

Insects are not your average movie stars, but they have been part of movie history ever since the early 1900s. Goodbye Kansas created a locust swarm of biblical proportions for season 5 of the successful drama series “Outlander” and in episode #48 of “Yellow Brick Road” we meet three Goodbye Kansas team members that worked on the sequence: Line Producer Alexander Darnell, CG Supervisor Hannes Drossel and Senior Compositing Artist Karl Rydhe. How were the effects created, what were the challenges and how fast do locust wings flap? We also discuss other great creepy crawly scenes from movie history, involving cockroaches, spiders and ants. And last but not least: how is it to work from home in these pandemic times?

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In “Yellow Brick Road” we meet the artists behind the visual effects, the magicians “behind the curtain” that bring audiences over the rainbow to worlds where monkeys can fly and nothing is impossible. Every episode focuses on a specific topic, like character design, animation, digital zombie slashing or why some horror characters scare us more than others.