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E19 | Where Is Your Time Really Going?

I realised this week that I am addicted to my phone. It got me really thinking about where my time is going. Here are my top tips for moving away from the addiction and using social media in a good way: - Spend the week tracking your time. Use Toggl, notebook, anything. it's a pain but very insightful. - Find alternative ways to de-stress - carry a sketchbook, read a book. - When you are in consume mode 'taking courses' or learning from others, limit this to 3 people at a time. Filter the noise.

Om Podcasten

Hello! I am Michelle Lloyd founder of United ArtSpace, and I'm bringing you the Your Art Matters Podcast. I believe there is a place for everyone in the art world, and it is possible at any stage and any age to bring your creative passions alive. Every week, I will bring you a dose of inspiration, with thought-provoking and motivational conversation, so you can make art you love and turn what you love into a living. So together, let's get motivated, inspired and make art!