26. BravoCast - a mash up of 2 Podcasts - Your Bravo Career and The Coaching Cast

Today’s episode is going to be a little differentListen in to my collaboration with Suzy and Lisa, over at the Coaching Cast podcast where we talk all about how to manage your career, overcome your fear of change and how to make a career leap.The episode is longer than usual because we cover so much content and we share our personal experiences of a career change.This was great fun to make with Suzy and Lisa and I think you are going to love the episode.

Om Podcasten

Ever wondered how you can love your job and build a great career? Learn how with Your Bravo Career a podcast about why your career matters, how you can enjoy what you are doing each day at work and how to build a great career along the way. Mark Crossfield is a Professional Career Coach specialising in empowering people in their career to become unstuck, overcome challenging situations and improve their overall happiness and satisfaction at work. Some episodes will be actionable career advice directly from Mark, and some episodes will be with people sharing their career stories, their aha moments and what they did that made all the difference.