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Måndagar Your Own Magic

Charlie "Rocket" Jabaley Takes Quantum to the Next Level in Bali for Intense Manifestation in Life, Body, + Love

av Your Own Magic | Publicerades 7/22/2019

Meet Charlie, aka Ceo Charlie aka Charlie Rocket. I met my new soul brother in a serendipitous way. Mama Bali has a way of presenting people + experiences who will be your greatest healers for your soul's expansion. Charlie has manifested success in business as a CEO millionaire for grammy award-winning hip-hop artist, reversed a brain tumor, ran an iron man, biked America, lost 135 lbs + more. Yet, Mama Bali showed him he's ready to take his quantum magic to the next level on a journey for real self-love.

Om Podcasten

a soul-expanding, + mind-altering podcast. the intention of the podcast is self-explanatory... to help you explore and unleash 'your own magic'. as the podcast has changed over the years, we encourage all listeners to unabashedly embrace all of who you are: the soul; the human; the mystic; the intellect; the light; the mess; the integration of this mind, body, + spirit. yom continues to share messages from visionaries, artists, authors, guides, healers, entrepreneurs, and the host - raquelle mantra - who may help strengthen your vision in the unfolding of your own magic. hosted by @raquellemantra; music by sounds of sion @sionlouks https://soundcloud.com/soundsofsion; artwork by @broken_isnt_bad https://brokenisntbad.com/.