Your Own Magic

Expanding Your Consciousness, Astral Projection, Angels + Demons, + When The Bliss Dissipates After First Awakening with Aaron Abke

av Your Own Magic | Publicerades 10/7/2019

Let's expand our consciousness as we expand on a hot topic in the Yomi community - the law of one. Aaron Abke - former Christian pastor turned Spiritual Teacher + Youtuber - is here to share this channeled cosmic wisdom of Ra - a sixth density social memory complex. We talk about having an awakening, when/if the bliss period dissipates, law of one, dimensions vs densities, who angels + demons really are, A Course in Miracles, astral projection, astrology, Saturn return + more complexities of the universe.

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your own magic is a spiritual + soul expanding podcast, hosted by raquelle mantra, connecting listeners with the high vibrational wisdom from the voices of visionaries who are living their truth to expand our minds so we may be inspired to create + unleash our own magic. hosted by @raquellemantra theme Music: sounds of sion artwork by @broken_isnt_bad